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Peccu is a board game meant to be played in-person to increase social interactions and to help players explore different ways of thinking—together. Each game has a moderator and can host up to six players.

We want players to share their perspective and listen to others’. While these conversations may prompt a change in a player’s perspective, this is not the overall intent. We believe there is everything to gain and nothing to lose in understanding another perspective.

A player can take a pass at any time without judgment or penalty. peccu is meant to be played in a civil, non-threatening and fun environment.

peccu is meant to be played in-person. We will eventually evaluate whether an online version would make sense while keeping the integrity of the game.

Tamil is the oldest classical language still being spoken today. You may have never heard of it, but it’s one of the most spoken languages in the world. In Tamil, the word for “talk” or “speak” is peccu. It’s also the word for converse.

We’re here to make sense out of things together.
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Co-Founder Conversational Games, LLC
Co-Creator Peccu

Raj Pragasam is a co-founder of Conversational Games, LLC, and co-creator of peccu, the game, a first of its kind conversational game designed to help bring people together by creating an environment where different perspectives are better understood.

Raj recognizes that in the world in which we live in, the art of conversation has been challenged. We struggle to respect and share different perspectives, and thus, he was inspired to co-create peccu, the game to help build respect for one another.

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in the UK, Raj joined Compass Group UK in 1979. He held various senior management positions up until 1999.

In 1999, he became a board member for the Millennium Dome, created and funded by the British Government to reflect and anticipate all aspects of life in the new century with a blend of fun, education, and inspiration.

In 2001, Raj came to the US and joined Compass Group North America as Senior Vice President Human Resources, and then, became an executive board member as Chief Inclusion Officer.

In his personal life, Raj is committed to serving local and international non-profits.

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Co-Founder Conversational Games, LLC
Co-Creator Peccu

John Stephens is the co-founder of Conversational Games, LLC and co-creator of peccu – the game. A first-of-its-kind conversational game, peccu is designed to help bring people together to have meaningful and respectful conversations with each other.

John has spent over 25 years as a professional in Learning & Development focusing on all levels of business, from entry level to executive, both nationally and internationally. The joy for John has been creating and delivering learning opportunities and experiences that provide people with a chance to grow themselves and create a pathway to their personal and professional goals.

For John, one of the key inspirations for this game comes from one of his learners who was frustrated and struggling with communications amid a changing workforce with changing priorities … “Being human is hard … I just don’t know how to talk to people anymore!” Ironically, in today’s world when there are so many more ways for people to communicate with each other than before, doing so is harder than before. Thus … peccu.

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